How can i tell if my teacher loves me?

I'm 19. My teacher is about 10 years older than me. Recently, I have begun to like him and I feel like he likes me too...but I really am not too sure. Do you think it is possible for him to like me? Or do I think he likes me only because I like him?? He seems to be avoiding eye contact. Does this suggest anything? How can I tell is he likes me??

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I think the only way you can tell is if he actualy says something maybe ask him but be careful caz he cud loose his job for getting involved with a student

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Walk away from that situation immediately... it's not good to have a relationship with someone who is at a different level of power, he is in a position of authority.

Teacher, student, wrong. Doctor, patient - wrong. Boss, employee - wrong.

You are not equals in that sense. Once you've left school, pursue him. Otherwise, don't.

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You dont ask a teacher if he likes you! HES YOUR TEACHER! Hes there to help you,not get it on with his students! I think your mistaking something for nothing! Your 19, and a lot of girls have crushes on a teacher, but it doesnt mean he likes you back. I think you need to stick to learning, and less time trying to figure out if your teacher likes you. There are NO indications whatsoever that your nothing more than just his student!

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but I really don't know how I should ask him...I mean if I ask and it turns out that he doesn't like me...I'm so confused

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well how woud you act toward some one you like? does he act the same way bak?

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hey, yeah I have the same problem, im in love with a teacher, my friends tell me im crazy but I just cant help myself. Its just all so complicated, he has a wife and a child. But im only like 15 and there is a huge age gap between us, I dont really know what to expect, I dont think he is just gonna leave his wife and child and come and live with me and my parents. I also understand the huge risk, because if someone finds out that im in love with a teacher he might get into trouble and I really dont want that. Im really confused! Every-time I have a lesson with him I notice that he looks at me really often. Also when he has duty in the canteen he stares at me. I cant see into his head what does he think but im 100% sure that he doesnt love me, probably he just likes me. Also I dont really try hard during his lessons and still on reports I get an effort A!!!

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im madly in love with a teacher and now I dont know what to do??? I think he likes me to he always gives me really good comments and always says im workin really hard and that my work is amazing!! anyone got any advice??

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I am in the same situation. I think my teacher loves me. Whenever he teaches me he always stares st me. He always looks me in the eyes. He also always gives me high marks, even when I do a really horrible job. There is a hudge age difference. It is around 30 years. Because he is around 43, while I am only 12. I don't know why but I think he loves me. I to secretly love him back. I've even made up a new email, and sent him emails saying that I love him. But I said from ?. I hope he doesn't know it's me. I haven't even told my friends. Because if you tell anyone a rumor spreads. He also looks kinda like Harry Potter, cross Severus Snape. When he stares at me, it usally last around 2 minutes, but can last longer. Since I have two teachers, he only sometimes stares at me when, my other teacher Mrs. Roberts is around. Oh by the way his name is Malcom Lamb. But I just call him Mr. lamb.

So please help me Im begging you.

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nalayko koi or nhi mila kya???

teacher pe line marte ho.

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I'm in the same situation I've known this teacher a year and I had him for science last year and he was amazing and he always stares at me but the only difference is he knows I'm in love with him because my friends have told him so many times and I have him for my soccer trainer dis year and he stands behind me the hole time and my friends always say oh she loves you and all he does is blush and smile I really dont know what to do!!! Help me

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oh girl I am in da same freaking situation!!! I dont know what to do !!! diz guy asked me out and I said no because I am in love with my teacher!!! hopefully he loves me too!!! but the guy told me my dream was far off!! ever since I dress up as well trying to impress him or something!!! I dont know what to do and school is over in one week!!! and im a senior and 18!!!

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you know...You and I have the same situations...I don't know if he likes me or something...
But to tell you honestly, you need to keep your feelings to must be careful not to burst your secrets... You might get involve into trouble...
well, as I said...I have this feelings on a certain teacher but has a worst age gap than yours.. I am 16 and he is 31.. and I don't why every time I ask him his age he could actually say he is still 20...and he too avoids eye contact with me every time I am in his class.. but last night as I interviewed him... he actually look into my eyes as he answered and I just receive a text from him today that he is inviting me to be his guest in Their Church...Yeah I know.. I am too are confuse.. but don't let your hopes up girl...We might end up being broken-hearted if we misinterpret their actions towards us...

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