How can I tell him?

Ok so I’ve been dating this guy for almost 10 months. I love him soo much, but sometimes he just says really mean things. Like sometimes he calls me a dumb blonde. and he says im clumsy. and he just can be a jerk. But honestly I love him, but I want to let him know his words hurt. What should I do?

Answer #1

yes you should let him know how you feel. if he continues to be a big fat doody head then it’s time to deal with the heart break and move on because no one should have to be subjected to verbal, mental or physical abuse. him treating you poorly is mental abuse. don’t be a victim.

Answer #2

Me and my wife were the same way for awhile but that is because he held it in and then just blew up on me out of nowhere so I just ended up thinking she was a bit crazy at times and walked out while she was having one of her “episodes”. Now of course we’re better cause she will actually tell me what she is thinking and we can talk it out. And of course now I don’t call her names or anything except jokingly and they’re not near as bad =P

Answer #3

tell him how you feel!!! just tell the truth!!!

Answer #4

just tell him. the longer you leave it the more he wil think he can get away with

Answer #5

I think the problem is that you’re too blond. Communication girl, that’s the key. There are no mind readers outside your television.

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