How can i tell her i like her

I'm a girl and I am very attracted to this girl in my class, we stare at each other sometimes, (I think she's bi or curious)how can I tell her that I like her?

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I remember when I had a girlfriend it was awesome she ment the world to me but I wasnt IN LOVE with her she was there for me when I needed her but anyways I asked her questions and then determined if she was I didnt come right out and ask but I hinted it I guess I wanted to save my self from the embarassment.. but ya about me and her we did everything together she always wil mean something to me!!!

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just come out with it

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Do you know that she is bisexual or bi-curious? If not, then that could cause problems. Do you people know about you being bisexual? Are you ready for people to know, because if she says no, she's likely to tell people that you asked her.
If you think that she could be though, all you can do is ask or tell her that you like her. The worst thing that could happen is she says no, you'll get over and find someone else dont worry.
You'll never know if you dont take the chance though.

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