How can i tell?

I really like my friend and were really close but yesterday he came over and we were on the computer when we started talking to my friend. My friend didn't believe it was him talking so when he asked her why she thought he liked this other girl.
thinking it was me she wrote back saying no I think he likes you.
he looked at me, smiled raised his eyebrows and said that's interesting.
to make matters worse she wrote don't you like him?
he read that and then looked at me I didn't want to panic so I told him to tell her yes as a joke. He went along and we were fine for the rest of the day.
But today he hasn't talked to me once and usually he calls me every day =( I'm worried that he doesn't like me and is now trying to avoid me.
do you think he's trying to avoid me now that he might know the truth???

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sounds like he does like you and he got a scary surprise :)
go for it.

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