How can I tan?

Okay well, I have very fair skin and a lot of freckles. When im in the sun I either get more freckles or sunburn. How can I tan without getting either of these? And will using a tanning oil or spray prevent this or just not help and still make me get freckles and sunburn?

Answer #1

oh try the summer glow moistuerizer!!! it gives you just enough glow that people dont think your a vampire

Answer #2

im really pale too, but I think being pale looks good. yeah ik that no one wants to hear about the skin cancer talk but just listen to my reason!! if your that pale people are just gonna think your not being natural! the whole natural thing is in where I come from. it also depends on what color of hair you have because if you have like light red hair your gonna look like a tramp (in my opinion) it also depends on how tan you wanna be.

   GOOD LUCK!! <3
Answer #3

I am very fair skinned. I feel the same way except I don’t get a lot of freckles. I’m just going to try staying outside even more this summer, and don’t put SUCH a high spf level sunscreen on my skin.

Answer #4

be like snookie from jersey shore and go get a fake tan jk jk put sun block and tanning oil on and lay out in the sun. what usually do is go to the beach and just have fun and end up coming home with a tan.

Answer #5

get the highest spf there is when going into the sun and try talking to your dermotalogist and fake baking can help get that tan

Answer #6

You Can Go Lay In The Sun With Sun Cream Orr… Go To A Taning Salon.(If Your Old Enough.) Im Not So, Get A Spray Tan. It Really Works And Your Skin Looks Great. :)

Answer #7

don’t risk getting sunburn and skin cancer trying to look like a bronze babe. I really don’t get all the hype about tan skin. I don’t. skip the tanning salon and wear a pale or soft pink blush instead. you’ll look like an angel.

Answer #8

I am the SAME exact way, and what I do, is just take getting a sunnburn. I mean the more that your body gets used to it, the more it will tan. Just don’t get to the point to where your burn bad and you can even lay down. Your body will eventually tan, and when it does, it will look awesome. If you don’t want to wait and actually get a sunburn, just get a spray tan. But I recommend the natural tan from the sun. I hope this helps!

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Answer #9

How long does it take?

Answer #10

Well your fair skin so youll have to try going in the sun for short amount of times and slowly build up a tan. But you will always seem to have more freckles as you tan naturally.

Answer #11

Natural tan people. Lol with the sun and stuff lmao

Answer #12

a spray tan, or theres this lotion that like gives you a tan.

Answer #13

I want a natural tan.

Answer #14

Go get a spray tan.

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