How can I stop people from copying pictures from my website?

Im about to make a website for my artwork but I dont want people stealing my work by copy, paste.. how can I block people from takeing my artwork? Do I have to copyright all of my work because I think that would be really hard to do

Answer #1

well then watermark it and no right cick

Answer #2

there is a HTML code you put on your images its called no right click and it works if you cant find the code funmail me

Answer #3

well its a script and there’s a html one to scripts are easy

Answer #4

Block them

Answer #5

dont post them and that would be a good idea to do that

Answer #6

better you don’t post or add your image, which are valuable to you. or if you want show that to people, I suggest that before adding image, reduce the resolution/pix of you image or can put a water mark on picture, which may protect your image/artwork from illegal use.

Answer #7

you cant really stop them because its just so easy to steal pics nowdays yes you should copyright everything also, add your name or website or something else of you onto the actual photo (like with photoshop) either on the bottom corner or even accross the middle of it but in a see through but still noticable text that way they can still see your work, but if anyone steals it the picture will have your name/website, ect on it

Answer #8

But I kindof have to because its like an online portfolio for people to see my artwork and be able to know that its good before they hire me to draw something for them.. get how im stuck? lols

Answer #9

The above suggestion is the only one you can really implement, add a watermark to the photo, your logo, etc, in a way that they’d have to spend a LOT of effort to remove it.

And, of course, a notice saying that if somebody takes your work, they’ll be liable :)

In the grand scheme of things, yes, people will steal, but, you can’t let potential crime limit YOUR ability to do business and succeed.

Answer #10

The only way is to put a watermark. Not allowing people to right click does not do much. They can still print screen, paste it into paint and then edit it.

Answer #11

alisha…that’s javascript :) And if somebody really wants the photo, they can: get it from browser cache turn off javascript, then copy / paste simply view source, then find the location of the file, copy link to address bar

I’m sure there are other ways to get around the javascript protection, those are the first ones I can think of off hand.

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