How can I stop feeling so nervous before school?

Okay so every night before school I feel really anxious and nervous. We do things in class like throwing basketballs in front of the whole gym like they pick two people every day and it makes me really freaked out! I try to get out of it but it never works, and I haven’t been called up yet, but I freak when I think they’re going to call on me. I’ve asked to take anxiety meds but my mom says they don’t work! She won’t let me take any! What can I do to stop feeling so nervous???

Answer #1

you should def. go see a doctor. your mom doesn’t have to approve you to go to the doctor. if you feel you need a doctor, go to one and tell them everything you just told us(even about your mom part too)just in a little bit more detail!

Answer #2

I get so nervous for talks. It is unbelievable and I get nervous for little things like that ^ too. It’s horrible. Even if a teacher asks me a question I have to say in front of the class makes me nervous, but I’m afraid it’s just teenage hormones. they’ll settle for sure when a bit older. But for now, just try shake it off and try act like your really confident. It’s what I do and it seems to do the trick. G Luck :D x

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