How can I save and earn money without working any ideas?

I’m 13 about to be 14 I need to make at least $300 by july 30 2010 any ideas so far I have like around $27 an I want to make more please help.!!!

Answer #1

Put a ad in the paper to do odd jobs in your neighborhood make sure you know the people or have yer parents meet them to ok it because it can be dangerous. Also put a ad up for babysitting in your local grocierystore. Rate if I helped some.

Answer #2

You can mow lawns for other people in your neighborhood. Also consider a paper route or working out an agreement with your parents to do chores for an allowance.

Answer #3

Babysitting, selling stuff…mowing lawns…

Answer #4

I know but j don’t have a lawn

Answer #5

Thanks for you answers but Lynwood is so bad that I wouldn’t put adds anymore

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