How can I revise for all these tests at the same time?

So I’m in foundation tier for exams and I really want to move up to higher tier in at least one lesson so I can get above a c and in maths we’re having a season test that if we do well we might get moved up to higher tier, that is in 2 weeks so I have to revise for that. Then I have my first proper science gcse exam which counts for 20% of my final gcse grade so I need to know that, then we have a philioaphary + ethics gcse test which I really want a a* at so I need to revise for that.. So I have to revise 3 subjects at the same time.. I don’t know when the philosapary + ethics one is but science is next week and maths is the week after. How am I ment to revise for them all at the same time?

Answer #1

It depends what kind of learner you are: audio visual kinaesthetic. Well next week I have 3 higher papers for triple science gcse (biology chemistry physics). I cannot revise big chunks of information. Bitesize is really helpful with science. With me I have to take breaks when revising. I also seem to remember loads of information when I hear one specific word. But you should really go on bitesize. 100% recommended and trust me don’t panic. Just be relaxed when revising!!!

Answer #2

make a schedule and stick to it. :)

good luck!

Answer #3

organize things, make a timetable, eat healthy to improve your memory, stuff like that

Answer #4

make falsh cards or study guides but flash cards always easier when I atudy with them

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