How can i retrieve my gaia online password?

I was in fact hacked, a REALLY long time ago.. and the hacker(s) managed to change my password and email address. I filed a hacking report, and they replied saying it was too late to help me. I've lost very rare items, and a lot of gold.. but right now, I just really want to see if there's a way to get my account name back. The items are long gone, and that's that. Does anyone know a [not really hacking] kind of way to get my password and the changed email back? I don't want to resort to hacking, because I'm afraid of losing my current account.

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I have done all of that.
The admin that mailed me said that it's much easier to find the information they need when a report is sent within 90 days. I sent it much after 90 days, so the admin said it was too late. They said it was "time sensitive"... so yeah.

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Blah >.< I don't know what happened to my account and yeah..lost so much .-. And it's still there I just can't get in it and it still ticks me off, I'm afraid they'd say the same thing to me xD cause I did a report but never got the email cause my other email was already registered and I TOLD myself not to forget the stuuupid new email but nooo...

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I was dumb enough to enter my password and things in one of those fake pages because I had never heard of them before. I was just starting. It was after ninety days so I just lied and said it was *** and made up a date or whatever you have to do(It was a while a go so I don't remember exact details). I got my account back, nothing was stolen luckily and they just lectured me about being more careful.

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uhhh why pepole hack accounts pepole are being evil this days =( I got hacket too I was having 460000 gold and 1268 cash wahhh they all gone I hate gaia now very very much :(

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whaaa~~HOW can I changed my pass?...
I forgot my passs!!


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You can't change your email, password and etc.
It has to all go through the administrators and moderators of the site.
Of course, if they CAN retrieve your GaiaOnline account back. Congratulations.

But, you'll have to wait 2-3 months to get a reply back from them as soon as you sent a message regarding your account.

Unfortunately, those are the only ways in getting a hacked account back.
Theirs no "sites" or "downloads" that you can get.

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Unfortunately, the only people who can help you now are the administrators of the service.

there are ways of questionable legal integrity you can use to get your password back, but your first move should be to try and work with the administrators and help desk of the service.

your next step is to talk to the supervisor of the person that told you that it is too late to help.

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I got the same thing happen to me...I was avitar was sooo rich! and I had 375k left I found out what they changed my username to but I didn't find out my password or email they changed everything so know I hate gaia pretty much

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Same thing happened to me and I was sooo rich I need help too I had panda hoodie && pandy pack && panda slippers && CN scarf && 375k I could of got a coco :'( I wish there was no was to hack people then no one would be hacked not even me :(

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