How can I remove softwear from my computer?

Im trying to get rid of a program on my laptop and it says invalid intallation filies please verrify bla bla bla and I tried doing a restore and that failed too what do I do? Im tired of forematting and redoing everything…

Answer #1

have you tried the “add/remove programs” through your control panel?

go to start control panel add/remove programs look fo the progam you wantto remove. and once you click on it, press delete. it should walk you thrugh it from then on

Answer #2

Okay, you’ve had a crappy un-installer.

Assuming bella111’s advice did not succeed:

Find the directory where the software is installed, try to delete everything in that directory. If you get an error while deleting, skip that file and delete the rest. Generally you can’t delete a file the computer is using. Usually these will be .dll files. Rename the files to something like .dllJUNK, and reboot your computer. You should be able to remove the files now.

Check your startup lists, remove any occurrence of the program.

CAUTION: Create a restore point before doing the next step! Open your registry and search for the program. Delete the keys & data when and where you find them.

Answer #3

I got it, thanks! I found a free program that does all that it scans and deletes everything associated with it its called: revo uninstallerand it does other things… try it if you want

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