How can i overcome being scared to be fingered?

Well basically me and my boyfriend are both virgins but were not going to have s*x yet but we want to do some s*xual activites, I've already gave him a h*ndjob a few times and I want to give him a b*owjob and I know how to and he said I can so everythings fine with that. But he said he wants to finger me, and to be honest I want him to finger me too but im too scared. Im not scared that it will hurt im just scared of what he will think of my genitals, I mean I do shave down there so its not gross. lol. but im just scared of what he will think of my genitals. He isnt a type of person who judges or is shallow and I know he doesnt really care about what it looks like, but I do care so I just want to know if anyone can help be become more confident with it? :) and share some of their experiences? thankss x

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hehe I remember having the same problem a while back..
I just turned 18 (yayyy!) and I've been with my boyfriend for about 9months now, I love him so much! anywayss... lol back to the topic

I use to feel the same way you do
but the thing is, you kinda have to gain more self confidence. when your in a relatioship with someone, you have to try and become more comfortable with your partner, talk to them because it really does help a lot to make you feel more secure. tell them what your scared of, inform them about what makes you more comfortable.

- hmmm I shave because it just makes me feel cleaner, but if you dont shave, make sure you ask your partner if they mind or not.
- if your nervous about getting fingered by your partner, I suggest you get comfortable my trying it out for yourself first. I know it might not sound pleasant, but its best if your try to finger yourself first so you know how it feels, just make sure your well lubricated/wet
- tell him to go slowly, fast hurts
-make sure he cuts his nails!!! if he doesnt he an scratch you on the inside and it can cause bleeding or infections...

remember that everygirl is different, and im sure you will look perfect to him

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lol omg.
im the same waay and its wierd how I was thinkin bout it
and this question popped up on the screen!
lol but I mean, yu have a better advantage than I do.
yu shave. and I don't...
im just scared that he'll see hair and freak out! or sumthing like that
but what I can tell yu is get yaself prepared for this. stand in the mirror and stare at it. pick out all the things that yu think he will notice and see which one has more: the good or the bad. Or just get real hot and heavy wit him to the point that yu wont care if it luks wierd or not! and everything would be fine. =)

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