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How can I overcome being scared to be fingered?

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Well basically me and my boyfriend are both virgins but were not going to have s*x yet but we want to do some s*xual activites, I've already gave him a h*ndjob a few times and I want to give him a b*owjob and I know how to and he said I can so everythings fine with that. But he said he wants to finger me, and to be honest I want him to finger me too but im too scared. Im not scared that it will hurt im just scared of what he will think of my genitals, I mean I do shave down there so its not gross. lol. but im just scared of what he will think of my genitals. He isnt a type of person who judges or is shallow and I know he doesnt really care about what it looks like, but I do care so I just want to know if anyone can help be become more confident with it? :) and share some of their experiences? thankss x