How can I motivate myself to do my homework?

I hate doing homework, I hate it so badly but I really need to do it and I’m going into high school next year where it’s going to hurt me if I don’t. How can I motivate myself to do it?

Answer #1

I like ty’s idea. Promise yourself a reward for when you finish. :)

Answer #2

hmm I reward myself… so I tell myself if I finish reading this chapter, I get to watch a show, then go back to reading another chapter, and I can watch another show… ofcourse insert show with whatever you like to do…

Answer #3

I think the hardest part about hw is starting it and when you do you kinda just end up gettin it over with as quick as possible,,, make sure you do give your self breaks after doing one assignment

Answer #4

I don’t know how your high school works but mine was awesome!!! but the hw was really hard!!! hey no sweat no stress 4 years is nothing even with all the pain you are going to go through there are a lot of fun things t look forward to like prom!!! and meeting new people and having funny and mean teachers to obsess on!!! it will be really fun and scary but its an adventure you should be able to sink your teeth into! plus high school is way way better than middle school! I JUST WISH I COULD BE YOU!!

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