how can I meet nick jonas

I love him:)

Answer #1

get over HiM! ThY probably don’t KnOw YeW oR cRe aBout ThErE fAnS…

Answer #2

we can’t tell ya hun. sorry.

Answer #3

wow. jonas fan?

please just like get over it.

Answer #4

well even though I cannot and will not ever understand your or anyones obsession with any of the jonas brothers or of them as a group, I will answer your question, back stage passes, pretty much common sense stuff here. stalking always works for these kind of situations, aren’t there usually contests to meet them?

Answer #5

how come you guys gotta be so mean look at like we do there three brothers,there cute,funny,sweet,and romantic. they do care about there fans buts not like you non fans would ever take the time to find out (im obssesed with nick)and if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anythting at all

Answer #6

Backstage passes, meet and greet passes, stalking them? I don’t know. Look over on the right side of your screen where it says “related questions”. I’m sure you’ll find some more answers there. Everyone here is just going to dog you for liking the Jonas Brothers.

Answer #7

I agree with ^ … um concert?

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