How can I make this one guy like me?

Okay so I recently moved to a new school. And im kinda quiet but I have friends. I’m pretty but im fat. And theres this one guy that I like but he doesnt like me back. Hes really mean to everyone but his friends. So I want him to like me but I dont know how? help?

Answer #1

I’ve been there for like 4 months so, I talk to him but he said he was gonna shoot me in the head, but hes not serious. hes says that to everyone

Answer #2

if you only just moved into this school give it some time for the guy to know you more.. geesh. :)) your acting up too soon. If he likeds you he you… you will know… if he doesnt he doesn’t… Can’t make people to love you… just be his friend … )

Answer #3

You can’t exactly make someone like you, either they do or they don’t. Try being really nice to him, smile, that sort of thing. Maybe he’ll come around.

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