How can I make this less awkward at school?

Kay so I was talkin 2 this guy on a social site and I sort of told him I was attracted to him and I was sort of flirting(he was doing it back btw) and turned it kind of inappropriate and told him some stuff that could be concidered going too far but I like being straightforward.. Anyways now at school we’re really awkward around each other and have hardly sed a word to each other this whole week! What can I say so it wont be weird???

Answer #1

I feel it depends on the nature of awkwardness. How strange the convo the two of you had determines how you’re going to make the attempt to break the ice.

Think of it as meeting a new friend. It’s not like that in reality but if you put it in the ‘’new friend’’ perspective, you realize it has a lot of similarities to it. It provides a sense of nervousness I take it. Even though you know him already, you can treat him as a new friend. I would shy away from bringing up the convo the two of you had until the two of you are comfortable talking about it.

Some good things to try is a simple ‘’hello’’ and a wave. Something that you use to greet a friend would be a great start as well. Try to keep this as simplistic as possible and friend-like as possible!

Good luck!!!

Answer #2

Start a convo and see where it leads. If you like being straight forward it shouldn’t be that hard to speak to him. And if what you said could have been takn wrong then if and when the next time you talk to him trying pulling it back to see how he reacts to you just being a laid back person. If you don’t speak to him he will think that he made it akward to and it wont make sense for you two to see each other and not talk.

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