How can i make the hair on my arms less noticable?

Ok so when I was like 7 or 8 I shaved the hair on my arms off cause I thought there was too much.. boy was I wrong. I'm a girl btw so it's sorta bad... Anyways my brothers notice my arms one day and said that they where hairier than theirs. :( What can I do? I don't want boys to say stuff and people to make fun of me for having hairy arms.. I don't really want to ge

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well I have the same problem also and I have no clue what to do..I wont wear short sleeves in school at all! and when I have 2 wear a t-shirt for work its horable I don't like it at all!

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Don't shave or burn it. . You can get special dye for body hair in pharmacies . . Shaving it will make it thicker and make more of it . . And burning it is just stupid :L x

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burn it off. Not kitting. I'm a chick and almost always had dar hair on my body.
I ran my hand through a flame one day and notice the hair, when it grew back, grew back litghter and thinner. So I decided to burn my arm hair off, the same happene. So about 3 times of burnung it off, you can hardly see it. It doesn't hurt, you don't have to burn yourself to burn the hair off. Hair burns rather quickly. It does smell bad, but hey, it's worth it ^^
Another thin you can do is use lemon juice. It wont bleach it right away, but once every other day for about month should do it. It naturally lightens hair.
Hope this helps, best of luck 1_~

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yeah but the reason it's the way it is now is because I shaved it off in the first place. =/
and I don't need prickly arms :S

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Or just shave it... I know it get's annoying but you will get use to it.. Just shave it off. there is really nothing you can do its going to grow if you burn it or dye it.

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Bleach the hairs on your arms, maybe? I'm lucky that I'm blonde. aha it doesn't even look like I have hair on my arms. =D

It's not a big problem, though. Everyone has hair on their arms. If anyone gives you a hard time just be like, 'Hey, I'm half Italian.'

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