How can i make myself shorter or stay the height i am?

I really dont want to get any taller than I am..
And please dont give me that bullsh*t saying you should like the way you are..

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unless you want to get surgery that includes breaking your legs, removing some of the bone and spending months learning how to walk again while your legs feel like there on fire because of the pain, you cant get any shorter, you should know that
you also cant stunt your growth without seriously damaging your health
but no offence, when you ask how to get shorter, what do you expect people to say other than you cant?
you should know nothing can can make you short

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ill make it a simple answer you cant unless you want to spend either tons of money or seriously damage urself. honestly im 5"2 and being short isnt much fun. so get over the fact that your tall you cant change it. just accept your body the way it is

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im 5'3.. but im also puerto rican drink a lot of coffe it does effect your growth but not much talk to a doctor

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well some steriods stunt your medications can do that so I mean ill answer it but im 5'10 dont tell me about being tall...

you just gotta accept yourself one day...I did.

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Dont Drink Milk

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Get out of here with that sh*t

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Ok... If you dont want to hear it, uhm lets make it simple. You cant.

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Seriously? Why would you even... What where you thinking?! You can't be short, unless you get surgery, which isn't good for you at all. Sorry baby cakes. ;3

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