How can I make my voice hit higher notes?

I have to sing in a christmas program at my school. When I sing my voice is somtimes cracky and I cannot get all the high notes. Is there a way I can fix this? Please help me if you may.

Answer #1

posture: shoulders comfortably back, legs shoulder length apart arms hanging by sides, standing up straight. feel confident with yourself, it’s okay to make mistakes. learn how to properly shape your vowels, it’s hard to explain so I would say to look it up for a diagram. Make sure to dictate your consinants clealy. Breath support is key too. breath in deeply before singing, this should be a quick short “gasp” with energy and it shouldnt make much noise and the diaphram should expand not your chest. expanding your chest if wrong. Support your sound by firming the diaphram and keeping it like that. start the sound strong by starting with confidence and breathing on the vowel. You need to raise the soft pallet also and create a lot of space inside your mouth. High notes can be challenging and take practice. They don’t just come overnight. trry starting from a lower note and gradually increasing. like la la la or ooo ooo ooo something liike that. im sure if you have a vocal instructor at school (if you go to school) they’d be willing to help. confidence helps a lot too. warm up excersises/ vocal excersises will expand your range.

Answer #2

think low, when you sing high, is much more comfortable.

Answer #3

Keep practicing, your sure to get there sometime, just be confident in yourself, dont keep saying “I cant do this,” because you can X!

Answer #4

I had a Christmas concert at my school and it helped when before I left home I was told by my vocal teacher to sing this!

DO RE ME FA SOL LA TE DO, TE LA SOL FA ME RE DO Going the first round go higher each note, and go lower after the second Te!!!

It really helps!

Answer #5

I had to sing for a play notes and I noticed that if I sing really soft or louder than I had to , I could reach the higher notes, hope this helps ps practice helps :)

Answer #6

Singing tips

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