How can I make my thighs thin?

does someone know?

Answer #1

I would suggest running at home if you have a treadmil, or joggin locally or trip down the gym and bike riding, 3 times a week eventually they’ll slim down and tone.

Answer #2

I am soo fat does anyone have advice? PLEASE!

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 l l   Thats me!
Answer #3

right … the best thing to get your thighs looking toned and slim is to use a Stepper you can buy them but they are usually in gyms there is 2 in my gym. also if you have a cellulite problem then drink lots of water and keep rubbing your thighs every night with cream or lotion. as long as you keep the circulation goin in your thighs and you keep drinking water the ‘’fat’’ shud go. but remember you dont want your legs too thin and stick like cus it will ruin your figure and then you wont have a arse… and thats not good…

Answer #4


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