How can I make my hair look longer?

I got a haircut yesterday and I HATE it! I’ve always had long blonde hair and this woman went and cut it all the way to my shoulders, which is like, 3’’ shorter than I wanted it to be! I want it to look longer, but I don’t have money for extensions (I wouldn’t get them anyway, thats a little over-dramatic for me) and I’ve tried straighteningit, which barely helps. is there any hairstyles or anything that will make my hair LOOK longer than it really is?

Answer #1

Human hair extensions. You can match them up to your hair colour or dye them, either urself or at a different You will need to cut them a bit so it looks natural.

It works for me:) Make sure it’s 100% human hair or you’ll look like you have plastic Barbie hair…not a good look.

Answer #2

hair extensions

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