How can i make my hair curly without a perm?

how to make it curly??? my hair is darn straight and I need help!!!

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at night once your out the shower.. you could plait your hair while its still damp. and then take the plaits out in the morning :)

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i wuld suggest scrunching it when it is damp
it looks natural and then you couls curl it some more when it it completely dry

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use curlers... i recommend GHD's... they are straighteners but can also curl! they are amazing for whatever curls you want.. loose..or ringlets..

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use loreal curl power spray and cream but aply the spay when hair is dry and scrunch but apply the cream when your hair is towel dried then rap back in your towel then scrunch it then leave it to dry in the towel works for me all the time

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get a perm...
get an hair curler...
or get hair rollers

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welll youh can put sum baby oil or olive oil in your hair and make sure you qot one of those ironsx that youh kan chanqe the tempurture and then rAPP it up at niqht and when your in the shower

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While your hair is wet, use volumizing products and section hair into four equal sections. Begin taking 1/2 inch sections from the first of the four sections and twist it tightly until it is snug to the head and pin in place. Let hair air dry or dry with hair dryer. If it is humid, not much you can do. I have straight hair and it is time consuming to fight what nature gave you and generally hard to win... But for special occasion worth the extra work.

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if you want curly hair but u also want ur hair straight why dont u just get a perm?

makeing curly hair straight is sooo much easier than making straight hair curly without a perm.

if u get a perm u could have ur curly hair
and just get a straightner for times when u want it straight.
when u curl your hair with a straightner it doesnt look natural.
PLUS to keep straight hair curly with a straightner you have to use hair spray
and what not.
but if u get a perm and want it straight just use a straightner
depending on how much hair u have and what kind of straightner u have it could take any amount of time
i have THICK CURLY hair
but i striaghten it all the time
with MY striaghtner it takes about 45 minutes
when i use my friends striaghtner (its called a "chi" the best on the market)
it takes about 10 minutes!

i would say get a perm so u can have that natural curly look
but also straight as a board hair
AND u can also get wavy hair
and if u get the straighter like the one jazmin_864 was talkin about
u could have different kinds of curls, loose, or ringlets

but if u ABSOLUTELY dont want a perm
then take jazmin_864s advice

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I use a curling iron called Baby Curls, or instead of towel drying hard, just scrunch your hair really tight with the towel so it doesn't get frizzy.

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my hair is straight as a board so when I want my hair curly I get a curling iron and curl certain portions of my hair then I wet it and spray dove all natural hair spay in it and my hair has volume and satisfaction:)_<3
--hope I helped...=]

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NOOO dont get a perm
I got a perm and it completly ruined my hair
I used to have soft , silky beautiful hair , now it is nasty and dry and nothing looks nice unless I straighten it
when I first got my perm it looked out but it was very hard to control I couldnt comb my hair unless it was wet wich was hard because my hair takes ages to dry
I would say just get some curlers and do it urself
that way it looks just how you want it to and it will go back to your origanal style when you want it to. Also it looks like you made the effort , and that looks nice :)

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you could go to the hair dressers and ask them for a perm but if you do not want a perm, then you can use tongs, rollers and flattering iron, everyday but that will damage your hair so I will say you should get a perm :)

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you can go 2 bed with lots of plats in ya hair den in da mornin ya take out da plats den you will have really nice cirly hair

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if you have a shower at night then before you go to bed, make a partin and on one side, twist the hair up and tie up and repeat on the other side so you look like mickey mouse. in the morning, take it out and keep twistin it. put in hairspray and voile! curly hair and no heat to ruin it!!

hope you enjoy the new curly you


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I wet my hair then sat for a min so its not soaking wet then use gel or moose to scruntch you hair flip you head over and go from botom to top then I use a diffuser that you put on your hair dryer and keep doing that untill close to dry and put alittle more gel and sruntch alittle more it works better on some ppls hair than others

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Right after you shower, use your little towel to dry it a bit and then have someone french braid it. once thats done hair spray the HELL outta it. It should work good, the the next morning after you've slept it should be good so take the braids out and blow dry it and scrunch (take hand fulls of hair and squish it together) then hair spray again. Work like a charm! hope I helped you. because all that junk looked really hard up there.
Steph :)

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After a shower,when your hair is still a little wet, use Garnier Fructis Oil Sheen, then put your head upside down and add Herbal Essense's Toustle Me Softly Mousse, scrunch your hair then scrunch with a towel, after that is all done style it as you want it then add TREsemme Fine hold hairspray. this way you have curly or wavy hair depending on what you started with, and also with NO FRIZZ!

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well I have the same exact problem as you. But what I do after I shower I put a gel in my hair (a kind that doesnt leave clump and you can't tell it's there) then I braid my hair all over from root to tip in multiple sections and sizes depending on what you what and sleep in the braids overnight then take the braids out in the morning. I do this cause I can't go to the salon every day and I haven't found a curling iron hot enough to keep my hair curled for a whole day. But if you do then make sure to use good hairspray.

Hope I helped :)

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