How can I make more money from Adsense?

I have a Google Adsense Account and want to make money by it. Please tell me how can i make more by Google Adsense. Please tell me a best way to make maony very fast.

Answer #1

There are no shortcuts :) Hard work, publish something people find interesting…ideally, give people a reason to come back to your site.

Answer #2

Hello Friends,

1.Remember: Adsense doesn’t make you money; traffic makes you money 2.Write posts that link to good content on higher-ranked sites in your niche. If your traffic is low, click on those links yourself - webmasters will take notice. 3.Post on forums in your niche and add your site to your signature 4.Submit articles to article directories 5.Use Technorati Tags 6.Submit your best articles to Digg and 7.Comment on other blogs with similar themes to yours 8.Become a regular on several similarly-themed blogs you like 9.Use Google Sitemaps 10.Write about well-known people in your niche 11.Use a blogroll, but only add sites that you would really recommend. Less is more. 12.Read Problogger 13.Remember: Good content + good advertising = traffic 14.Choose a niche you’re passionate about 15.Post/write an article/add content every day (update: or don’t) 16.Make your content unique and useful 17.Be timely: break news, comment on new information, become a valuable source of interesting new stuff 18.Be yourself. If you’re funny, be funny; if you’re not, don’t try to be. Be confident that your personality will draw like-minded readers. 19.If you can’t think of anything interesting to post about, find something interesting to post about. 20.If you can’t find anything interesting to post about, keep looking.


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