How can I make biracial baby have hispanic looking hair?

If the parents were hispanic and black how can the baby come out with hispanic hair not black hair . I hope I dont sound racist but are there special techniques ? Please help! For example like tiger woods and his wife I saw their child and her hair looked white

Answer #1

you cant legally or even really humanely influence those genetics what you get is what you get

Answer #2

black people and some hispanic people both have to same hair types… NAPPY!!! just put a lil oilve oil or something no gel makes it worst -__-

Answer #3

thats right all babies are beautiful but I heard if you dont put relaxer and grease in their hair that it dont get all nappy lol hope this helps

Answer #4

It’s purely the luck of the draw. There is NOTHING you can, or should attempt to, do to alter an infant’s hair one way or the other. It’s pure genetics. It’s more likely the baby would have a combination of the parents’ hair than one or the other.

All babies are beautiful the way they are born, the way God intended them to be, and if they’re your own, you’ll love them no matter what kind of hair they have.

Answer #5

You can’t decide. It all comes down to genetics for traits.

Answer #6

I mean I want her to grow up with hispanic hair not all thin and short

Answer #7

well hispanic hair is better but it is your look good luck on getting hispanic hair

Answer #8

idk what kind of hair you have!!! but my hair is not nappy!!

Answer #9

i guess im sticking to my own race!

Answer #10

lol that is hilarious!

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