How can i make 500-1000$ within a week?

Im 16 I want to find a job that makes 500-1000 dollars within a week. but im in school and I dont want to do a lot of work. So basically I need a job where I can get this kind of pay without doing a lot of work.

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There are many things you can do legally at 16 to earn that type of money. It's the age of technology so your best bet would be to search for something that would sell online or heck follow a dream of yours. That always works. But you definitely will have to search and work hard.

Some suggestions for what to do to make money:
* sell something on eBay
* offer to babysit
* tutor other students or younger kids in your favorite subject

There aren't a lot of jobs out there for 16 year olds that will pay that much money each week. You will need to get creative and will have to work hard for it.

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LOL I would LOVE it if my job was easy ...

I make great money, however I work VERY hard. The odds of you making that money at 16 legally are non existant.

Even adults have a hard time coming by 1000/week without degrees and experience.

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Umm, well than you're definitely out of luck.
Unless you want to work the corner?
I'm kidding.
But, not many jobs pay 500-1000 dollars for 16 year olds.
You can only work so many hours a week. AND you don't want
to do a lot of work?

Why is this a question?

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Yeah, that's not possible.
At sixteen you can't work more than 8 hours at a time, or for more than 24 hours a week.
Which means unless you find a job that pays over 10/hr, you're out of luck.

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I made 1000 a month ago by doing odd jobs around the nahborhood like doing 5$ a pop car washes and mowing lawns and such, but I am only 12. at sixteen the possabilitys are endless!

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lol good luck, I'm sure a lot of 20-year olds, 30-year olds, 40-year olds, etc want an easy job that pays $1000 a week!

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u can hunt 4 geinsing (I spelled it wrong) its a type of plant that is worth $500 per pound.
It is used in some medications. but is hard 2 find.

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It;s kinda hard for a 16 year old to make $500-$1000 a week.
...unless you sell drugs...then you'll be a loser.
Try eBay, maybe??

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$ 500 per year

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