How can I lose weight quickly and for free?

Im a 13 year old girl and struggles with weight. I just moved and I live in apartments and I cant really exercise because I have no room to run and I dont go anywhere because my parents dont trust the neighborhood. My dad works 3rd shift and has no time to take me to a track or the ymca. Im about 158 lbs and 5’4’ and I want to be at least 130 lbs when skewl starts which is in about a month. How can I lose weight before then?

Answer #1

well there is no way your gona loose that much wait before school starts unless you are an obsesive athleat! you can start by eating healthy! and not eating to much! no fast food, no high calories, and no junk food could realy be good things to get rid of in your normal eating ruteins! instead of eating large meals eat 5 or 6 smaller meals! it will give your body time to digest your food and make sure your not over eating! you can also do small exersizes… if the appartments have a back yard run around a bit! and if not you can do small things in your room or living room like; push ups, pull ups, sit ups, cruches, streches, jogging in place! another good thing is to get a yoga video at the store 4 like 10$ and lie down and try 2 keep up wit the intructer! yoga may look like a piece of cake but its not! its easy to do all this stuff! but try to find someone to do it wit! a sibling or friend even parents! it keeps you motivated and more involed! good luck!

Answer #2

The best way to lose weight is to get more fruit and veg in your diet and avoid lots of carbs, fats and sugars. So perhaps instead of having ceral which is packed with sugars for breakfast have a fruit smoothie, then having freshly made veg soup for lunch and something healthy like fish and veg for dinner.

As for exercise, you just need to ensure you fit in as much as possible. For example, I always take the stairs instead of lifts. Ideally you should aim to get out of breath for at least 30 minutes each day for good results, skipping is great and you don’t need all that much space.

I wouldn’t try to lose weight too quickly though as that might not be good for you, just aim to always take the healthy options. Good luck!

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