How can I lose 25lbs in two months?

How can I lose up to 25lbs or more in less than two months?

Answer #1

You can do it in a couple weeks… go on a liquid diet. My friend said that his dad had to do it for two weeks and he lost about 28 lbs. Only problem is you have to drink the right kinds of drinks, that give you the right vitamins and minerals and such and you’ll be pissing out your as$.

Answer #2

Liquid diets are healthy if you do it right and if you drink the correct liquids. My friend’s dad HAD to do it for two weeks to clear his stomach and digestive track of any solids. I doubt they would tell him to do that if it wasn’t healthy. But if you don’t have advisement on what to drink and how much then you can seriously hurt yourself. So you better stick to exercising, eating right, and drinking plenty of water.

Answer #3

The liquid diet is right. The diet is actually called “The Master Cleanse” you can google it, and the book has a website with the recipe and directions for what you have to drink. you start off by doing 10 days, then you can go for more. But the first few days are awful, anyway you lose 2 to 3 pounds a day, just make sure you try to at least walk some, dont become completely immobile, and follow the books directions completely. Its a healthy diet and you dont lose nutrients. screw guru’s opinion.

Answer #4

Drink water like crazy! drop any other liquids…besides water TRUST ME it help lose tons of weight do I before eating,while eating,and after eating…it cleans your system…plus drink cranberry juice!

Answer #5

Eat healthy and and exercise a lot the liquid diet is not healthy.

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