How can i loose weight?

How can I stop people from telling me I'm fat? I weigh 150lbs and not proud of it. Since my medicine has changed for my depression and since I was admitted in the hospital 3 times... I've gain 20 pounds. I use to weigh about 130 or less but now there isnt anything I can do. I'm tired of my foster family telling me to loose weight and go exercise. Its very hurtful when they say my clothes don't fit even when I just bought them... It makes me want to go throw up 4 times a day. What should I do?

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I used to feel like this all the time I was only little and I got pickked on just because of my size I hated it!
So one day I just thought this is it so I put myself on a healty diet no chocolate sweets or chrisps and I took up running and did crunches im ever so happy with my appernce now, hope I helped :) you just have to stick to it even if you dont see a dramtic change this time next year you'l be so proud of yourself and feel like youve achived something massive, set yourself a goal.

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Talk to the person who put you in the foster home, like the social worker or whoever ( I don't know how that stuff works ) because you're obviously not being raised in a healthy environment.

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