How can i look more indian?

how can I look more indian? (eastern)
or even arabic? I want to look more like "my people" lol how can I do this?

any makeup tricks? hair styles? colors?
any arabic makeup/hair styles? pictures?


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wear lots of gold? and bright colors? long hair? blonde highlights?
(personally I think its all a little tacky, but hey to each his own... and before anyone starts attacking me for being culturally insensitive, I happen to be ethnically indian, so back off!)

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dark, sharp eyeliner, I reccomend liquid eyeliner.

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just be yourself, not what "your people" are
be unique, don't let peer presure change who you are

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HAHA. This is funny. Well. I guess you need a nose job. Probably eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, fake eyelashes, wear a nose stud... if you wanna go all out. then buy a traditional indian dress

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If you want to look like an Indian women then wear [url=]Indian Kurtis[/url]

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If you want to look like an indian women then wear indian kurtis

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