how can I look good naked?for men and women to answer please

Im a brunette… size 12..really broad shoulders,long legs,not too fat not too slim,brunette,fair skin,,im a 38b bra size ill never be a supermodel or anything but I want to look my best for my man… how can I look good naked? any tips?products(dont want to look fake)?..anything can firm or tone up skin? any excercise?dont go saying about be yourself I am myself! just need some tips though!

Answer #1

its good that youre not f*ing anorexic. youre a normal healthy size. I recommend using a body exfoliant. I use sugar (sounds weird I know) but it gets all the dead skin cells off without the expensive brand crap with all the oils in it that make my skin feel greasy. the sugar wont irritate or anything. it just rubs away the dead skin cells that can make your skin look dull, and it helps blood circulation thru the skin. use it everywhere. chest tummy legs arms back butt neck…haha everywhere! oh and get a nice facial exfoliant. then put on face lotion. and use a nice body lotion. guys like the scent of vanilla its a proven scientific fact theyre attracted to the scent. I use the warm vanilla sugar stuff from bath and body works. it smells AMAZING and makes your skin supa smooth. oh and get a french wax (its a middle ground btwn a bikini type wax and a brizillian..) guys like that. and get some nice lingerie. red sounds like it would look good on you. you know, lace push up bra and lace panties. (it all depends on what you like, thong boyshort or whatever, you know?) curl your hair with a big barrel curling iron, so you have the soft curls. they like that a lot. andd…makeup should be simple. use a lash curler, with some good mascara like…lash blast in black with a good waterproof eyeliner and a shade of eyeshadow that blends with your skin tone really well. blush shouldnt be too bright. something that will make your skin look “warm” but not overdone. good luck! if you have any more questions, just ask!

Answer #2

try 2 mugs of green tea every day I was FAT and when I tried this omg im soo skinny now and I look sexy and btw it takes time but its really good

Hmmm… according to this thread of yours…

…you have a huge belly… so which one is accurate?

Answer #3

This will sound really stupid but be extremely confident in your body, and that will come across sexy. Also some guys really like seeing a girl in lingerie! Sorry I know you said naked.

Answer #4

Frankly, very few size 12 women are attractive naked to very many men. Men are visually oriented pigs for the most part - I know this because I am one.

But, if you’re willing to change your lifestyle to include healthy eating habits and regular exercise, you’ll eventually look great - clothing optional.

Answer #5

be confident. If you act confident it will make you look hotter, believe me. Try it just walking down the street, act confident. You will see that you will get more looks from both guys and gals. I have a friend that is a lot heavier, but she is so confident, she doesn’t get down about her body, she loves herself. I never see her as anything but beautiful, but tell me why if she were opposite about herself she would not look as good, although she does. A lot is psychological.

Answer #6

I like watching the new show, how to look good naked, he has some good points

Answer #7

Its sounds like you are a good, healthy size which is great!! The best turn on is for a girl to have confidence in the bedroom, my partner loves lingerie, nothing too spectaculer, just a see-through top ;)

Answer #8

Hey girl! I was just asking the same question, and I got to this site and read what some of the haters wrote. Damn it, don’t listen to a word they say! You’re beautiful! You’re a woman, and thus awesome. Focus on what you love about yourself, and sell it! You’re sexy if you think you are. Go get ‘em, girl!

Answer #9


I PREFER my women to be… umm… durable…

Answer #10

I think if you feel good about yourself already then confidence comes out & thats how you will feel, Sexy!!!

try just eating healthy, I know that I have started eating healthy im in my 2nd week & although I may have only lost 1 kilo I am already feeling better & happier & more energetic & I feel sexier,

try power walking or jogging each night, go get a spray tan, get a new hair style, just do domething for you!!!

Answer #11

well to start off with. any woman looks good naked. there is not a thing as a bad looking naked lady in any bedroom. 1.make sure its nice and neet downstairs bit of make up and a romantic setting and love you are good to go. my girl is a size 16 and when the clothes come off well then its tiome to play. she is the most beautifull lady that has walked the earth. p.s. ask your man what he would like to see you in maybe he would love to see you in sexy lunjury

Answer #12

try 2 mugs of green tea every day I was FAT and when I tried this omg im soo skinny now and I look sexy and btw it takes time but its really good

Answer #13

find carson cressley. he is amazingly gay and will help you feel amazing!!!

lol. I don’t know. I’m like 250 and I hate myself so…I dont know what to tell you

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