How can I look good in pictures!?

So yeah.. I dont think I look good in pictures and I want to ya know… do I need to make like certain facial expressions?? or somethin? thx :)

Answer #1

smile ! (:

Answer #2

1 rule of good pics: Never take them from the bottom. The dropshadows on your face make it look weird… And fat. Haha[:

Answer #3

just take lots and lots of pics of you doing diff things have your hair diff ways and do facial expressions and once you have done this just go back and look at all your pics and see what ones you like and put them up and then look at what you did in them and so you know what you can do in pic you take another time

Answer #4

Well maybe I’m not good at this but you look fine in your pictures.

Answer #5

im sorry but you cant. its useless to even try.

Answer #6

If you try too hard to look a certain way, your not gonna be happy with it.

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