How can I hide my ip ?

Please ,, is there a free software for that

Answer #1

You could use web proxy to hide your IP

You can choose one web proxy from here

Answer #2

Use our site search for ‘proxy’…however, none of them are totally anonymous, and systems like ours, for example, highlight people using proxies for staff to review their accounts.

Answer #3 Here is a program. With it, I have got unbanned more than once.

Answer #4

I think the most secured way to hide your IP address is to buy vpn service and you will get to find one of the best in the industry from the list here:

Answer #5

There is this program which I use for hiding my ip address in network. Actually I do online work so I need to be shown on their region to access their sites. Hidemyass is a program which can hide your ip address easily.

Answer #6

Use Hotspot Shield Free VPN. HSS VPN conceals your present location and assigns you a different IP from another location and in this way it protects your privacy by allowing you to browse the internet anonymously by hiding your IP.

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