How can I grow my hair super fast?

My hair is thining and it broke because of a astupid salon that freaked it up. So I went to cut it, but I hate my hair so short. I really miss my long hair.

Answer #1

getting it trimmed wld be best because the cut wld stimulate the hair folicules

Answer #2

take pre-natal vitamins, honestly. but be careful… xD

Answer #3

Pre-natal vitamins do work, but make sure you only take it once a day, and since your aren’t prego, do it like 2 times a week. Like on a Monday and Friday. There is no other way to grow your hair, its a proven, that hair can’t grow super fast. Or even fast at all, it just takes time. I hope this helps. :] -Advice Girl, (:

Answer #4

Yes, pre-natal vitamins will help (your nails will grow faster too!) but also, getting it trimmed often will also help.

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