How can i give myself a make over?

Ok, so I have exactly nine months until I go to America (LA, Vancouver and NY) but before then I want to give myself a complete makeover that extends over nine months, so when the 21 of November 2010 rolls around I look completely different but totally awesome as hot at the same time.

So far I have a list that goes something like March – get a job (to help pay for all of this), Practice different styles of applying makeup and hairstyles, hug a tree, Learn Spanish, sing loudly in a car while people are looking... April is something like this: Learn how to use tampons instead of pads, learn guitar, drink coffee... and it keeps going like that.

All of the stuff that I have is like personality/character changing type stuff but I need physical makeover stuff as well, stuff to do with appearance and all that clothes... 

Or, you could create your own makeover plans for me involving both aspects.

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I would personally start whit the job. It's best to have some cash when doing a make over.
For your personality stuff get a pad of paper and a pen and write down all the things you wish you could change. Ex, more outgoing. Do one thing a day that puts you out of your comfort zone(though not dangerous) if you are too passive stand up for yourself. etc.
As for the make up thing, start by holding colours up to your face and deciding what you like. It doesn't matter if others don't like it; if you feel good, you'll look good. Though I’ve looked at your photo, and btw you're really pretty, brown hair brown eyes id g with earthier colours. Dark greens, light browns, maybe a bit of faint yellow with the green. Also when it comes to make up you should try and put a hint of what ever colour you’re wearing into you make up. It’ll bring out your eyes better. Don’t do lipstick! A pinkie lip gloss would be good, but don’t get the super shiny ones they make you look cheap.
Also don’t go insane wit the colours, but a little on the lid s and some brown eye liner. For your brown, not black. You look to young for black, when kids wear black is screams trash, when it’s brown is says looking nice.
I know this isn’t exactly a nine month lay out, but doing this over nine months will give you lots of time to practice.
Now, it’s always nice to get new clothes as well. Try and stay away from bright pinks, light pinks is okay, but pink pink will make your face look red. Also for a complete change you could get a hair cut. With the right style you’d look good with bangs. Though keep your hair at a medium length, it’s easier to do stuff with medium to long. The colour you have is nice, keep it.
Any way that’s all I have to say right now. Feel free to contact me some how.

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