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how can I give myself a make over?

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Ok, so I have exactly nine months until I go to America (LA, Vancouver and NY) but before then I want to give myself a complete makeover that extends over nine months, so when the 21 of November 2010 rolls around I look completely different but totally awesome as hot at the same time.

So far I have a list that goes something like March – get a job (to help pay for all of this), Practice different styles of applying makeup and hairstyles, hug a tree, Learn Spanish, sing loudly in a car while people are looking... April is something like this: Learn how to use tampons instead of pads, learn guitar, drink coffee... and it keeps going like that.

All of the stuff that I have is like personality/character changing type stuff but I need physical makeover stuff as well, stuff to do with appearance and all that clothes... 

Or, you could create your own makeover plans for me involving both aspects.