How can I gett my hair to stay straight for agess ?

I have really curly hair And when I straighten it, it just doesnt stay that way when I go outside or for more than two hours ! And its really short and is hard to iron, hairspray and mousse dont always work

Answer #1

I have really curly hair as well and I just cut it into an angled bob.. what you do is use herbal essences pin straight shampoo and conditioner. buy something called silk drops to control the frizz, and blowdry straight. also use heat tamer spray while using your flat iron. after you’re done rub a dryer sheet on your hair, I know it’s weird but it works

Answer #2

After washing hair blow dry it using a hot setting then cold to set the hair. Trust me blow dry is the best for half dry hair use a round paddle brush to pull the hair upwards and outwards like you see at the hairdressers. straigten with GHD they are the best or anything with a ceramic plate. And finish off with a good hairspray I think vo5 is quite good and not to expensive. Hope that helps!

Answer #3

I ued to have really curly hair as well but then I got the brazillian keratin treatment and now my hair is extremely soft and wavy. it costs about $200 depending on how thick your hair is or where you go but the holidays are here so you can always ask for that as a gift haha. also I would invest in a good flat iron, like the CHI or Herstyler. both of them work AMAZING. also, morracan oil is so so so good for straight hair. it keeps it from frizzing up and makes it sleek and soft. hope this helps!

Answer #4

You don’t have to change your hair. Unless you want to. You can buy some special shampoos from the internet, or stores, that give you a straight perm. This gives you straight hair. I think it might help.

Answer #5

Well if you go to the hairdressers, then can give you a straight wash, which keeps your hair sraighter for longer :) xx

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