how can I get smaller boobs?

how much can I make my boobs smaller by losing weight? what other things can I do to make them smaller? please do not just say breast reduction surgery because that is not an option for me. also please don’t question why I want smaller boobs - I have my reasons.

Answer #1

your best bet would be losing weight.. for now you can wear a sports bra.. it makes the boobs look a bit smaller and makes it so they dont bounce as much.

Answer #2

only if you are overweight or obese is loosing weight a good idea because the last thing you want to do is be a healthy person and become underweight just to loose your boob fat only if you actually have fat to loose should you try and it depends sometimes you loose it from other areas first but usually fatty areas like the booobs go fuirst however you need to loose quite a bit of weight so unless your overweight or obese, dont try it other than that theres nothing you can do exept fr breats reduaction surgery if its money your stuck on you can usually end up paying a lot less or even none if your boobs happen to be so big that they cause back pain and other problems but apart from those 2 things, nothing will work however you could try weraing a sprots bra which will probably push them a bit closer to your chest and make them look a bit smaller and if your relatively healthy or overweight/obese focus on exerscising your upper body and chest area

Answer #3

Losing weight can help if you are overweight, even a little bit. ( Don’t worry about sagging – unless you’re over 40, your skin should bounce back.) Another think you might try is a minimizer bra. It sort of mashes things down. It won’t make them smaller, but they’ll look smaller by up to a cup size.

Good luck!

Answer #4

Losing weight works for some people, not for others. If it doesn’t work for you, you don’t have many choices. I’d suggest working out, physical work outs, especially upper body and pecs. If you can’t reduce them, make your body really fit. It will help.

Answer #5

Well, I don’t think that by losing weight your boobs will be smaller. They’ll be saggy and maybe they’ll lose their firmness. I read somewhere that coffee can make your boobs smaller, but I have no idea if this could be possible.

Answer #6

Well, if your at a good weight like about 110-120-130, trying doing certain weights that work out your pecks…

Answer #7

exersize :) try swimming

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