how can I get over my ex I still really love?

Me and my ex still have feelings towards each other, im plenty sure of that.We didn’t break-up because of anybody, but because my parents won’t let us date since he’s 18 & im almost 15. Please don’t judge, he ain’t that big either. Anyways he was going out with some other chick, but today he told me ‘I never really loved her I dont even like her, I just went out with her to forget you’ his friends & family tell me the same thing. Truth is I really still love him, but I dont want to disobey my parents they have done so much for me. I really dont get to see him since he lives in mexico, and I live in the usa in bordertowns to be exact. I know im young, but he’s like I have only really been into two girls and one was my girlfriend I lasted like 7 months with, and you angie. I really love you but if you want to be friends only I cant force you either, im gonna take a break with ‘k’ you know the only reason why I broke up with you is because I didnt want to cause you any problems with your parents , so I’m all confused,my friends are like get over him but I lost the guy I liked because of the same situation. I found ricardo and I really like him, but I dont know maybe its just a phse since im only 15? should I let him for sakes already? :(

Answer #1

If your meant to be together he’ll still be there once your 18 and maybe you guys will still have what you had, if not that only means you will find someone you’ll love even more one day. Plus if he lives far away, although you may love him, I can promise you that if you find someone new that you like and lives close so you can see him often you’ll be a million times happier.

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