How can i get my vigina tight?

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lol the longer you dont have sex the tighter it will go.. so ladies, tell your men to BACK OFF for a little bit :)

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tnece muscles

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theres kegals and theres creams at the sex shop

How long is the vigina from the viginal opening to the cervix???
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yes that is what I was talking about.

my girlfriend is so tight , how do I lossen her up?

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Beydary pills where can I get some of these pills? Can someone please e-mail at please to let me know

am I considered tight?
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but do not forget that the tighter the better for men..

How..... Im a 16 year old virgin, but i have dildo that i just bought, i tried putting it in yesterday, but im too tight, whats something i can do to get it in?

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Hello im a motherof5 and I had the same problem,I was recommended Beydary pills they are great.All you do is insert 1 pill into your vigina 1hour before sex and it makes it tight and warm.Now I keep them at home all the time.If you want to know more you can email me on

When I got fingered my boyfriend said I was so tight is it a bad thing?
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I want my vagina hole to get tight so my boyfriend can enjoy himself I have a slack hole ple give me some tips to tighten my hole I am desperate

What if my girl too tight?

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I have always done the pelvic floor ( tensing the vagina muscles) since I was at school as I was always scared of having a baggy fanny and believe me it works it is a great solution for a terrible problem. even my boyfriend who has been with a lot of women says that he has never known someone so tight thanks to it everytime is like the first and hows this for bennifits ladies not only give your men the upmost pleasure (and ensure they dont leave ) but when it comes to child birth my one and only child only took ten minutes thanks to my tight muscles. and another tip for the women please move during sex dont just lie there close your eyes and feel. its amazing . xx

How to finger a VERY tight girl?
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Thanks for recommended to use "beydary pill". And I'm a producer of that herba. To all women, let's use the "Beydary pills", and will be make your body fit, fresh, full vitalities, and make your vagina always tight and your husband love you everytime. Thanks.

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ok squeeze you Vigina right now... that is how you do it. I am not joking at all it is that simple. There are surgeries you can do as well but I dont knw what kind of case you in to why you want to tighten it. You can do a simple google search and find many different site on getting yourself tight but in general most of them just come down to the simple task of you contracting and relaxing you vigina. You do this 20-400 times a day if not more. It all depends on hwo strong your muscles are right now. jsut do it all the time basically. When driving your car, sitting at work. It is somethign you can do all teh time and no one knows it but you. There are several different thing you can get like cones and what not to work different adn certan muscles but over all they are jsut doing the same thing in a different degree. Jsut keep squeezing yourself and you will be tighter. Here is a quick site I found that may help.

Good luck with the tighting;
Mr. Sexguy

curious bout mi vigina
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bathe in the sea the salt water helps and you acn use savalon and soak your vjj in it that works as well!

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wear high heals nooo joke it really works

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another way to make it seem tighter for the guy is if you lay on your back and put your legs together... because your legs are literally coming closer together... my girlfriend also told me it makes the guy feel huge because it seems a lot bigger to her as well

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Dear god, don't go out and buy any of that stuff. Kegel exercises. You can Google how to do them. You can do them anywhere anytime for as long as you'd like.

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