How can i get my girl back?

My girlfriend has been great. She lets me go out to the bars with my boys all night 4-5 times a week. She let me watch football all day. She nevers nags. She even bought me 4 super bowl tickets for christmas. She is super hot. She is a register nurse and our sex life is the bomb. Well I went to the clubs with my boys and gor drunk like always. I end up giving some girls my phone number. Well they call and my girlfriend found out. I really mess up. I thought she was ganna get all mad and emotional. But all she said was that she didn't want to make me do anything I didn't want to. She said she was leaving and that she didn't want to waste her times or mine. I really mess up I had it really good. Some of my boys even try to get with her. We not friends no more. But how can I get her back. I mean she is so great that I guess I never thought she would leave me. I guess I was wrong. How do I get her back? I'm shock. I was about to propose and now im dump. What do you guys think? Please help I really mess up
I had the girl of my dream and I mess up. What should I do.

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try to write her a letter explaining the way you feel and that you've learned from your mistakes. I kind of agree with the person above me about going out too much. 4-5 times a week out with the boys is too much and a relationship is all about compromise. put yourself in her shoes. would you like her to be going out 4-5 times a week to clubs and bars with her friends getting drunk? no one likes that, a relationship should be balanced, some time with friends, some time with your girlfriend,sometime for your family, and some for yourself. until you find a healthy balance in your life you're not going to be happy. afterall, getting drunk and going out with the boys every night will eventually get old and you have to think about "what really matters" and is important in your life. if your girl is what's important then you know what to do. if she doesn't forgive you, take this as a huge learning experience and think twice about your actions in your next relationship. good luck!

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*edit* "All you can do is learn from it"

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well you can start off by apologizing. call her house and tell her to meet you somewhere. or you can call her to apologize and tell her to call you back if she forgives you and that ud like to talk. if she doesnt call you back dont attack her just call her one more time (not in the same day) and tell her that you messed up and you want her back but ull give her sometime to at least forgive u. then if she still doesnt call u. call her a week or two later and see if shell call you then or go to her house. you said she was cool so I think she would at least call you to forgive u. then when she forgives you then ask for her back and tell her that you will make compromises like ull only go out with the guys on a certain day and explain that you were drunk and gave them your number but didnt do anything else with them. the hardest thing is going to be to talk to her again but once you get past that ull have some time to try to get her to take you back but do not not not not not I cant stress this enough call her more then 2 times a day and beg her to take you back and send things 1 million times a day and stuff it will freek her out. if you are going to send something only send one thing and pick a good tim to send it. hope I helped ~kaitlyn~ and funmail me is you have any other ?s

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If everything was so great with her, you wouldnt have needed to go out 4-5 times/week getting drunk. Just because she let you do it, doesnt mean she liked it. Lets put it this way, you took advantage of her, and sometimes we only get one chance to screw up. Shes a girl who knows what she wants. I dont think you have any other choice than to just move on, and not waste anymore of her time. You messed up, and all you can do is from it!

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