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How can I get my girl back?

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My girlfriend has been great. She lets me go out to the bars with my boys all night 4-5 times a week. She let me watch football all day. She nevers nags. She even bought me 4 super bowl tickets for christmas. She is super hot. She is a register nurse and our sex life is the bomb. Well I went to the clubs with my boys and gor drunk like always. I end up giving some girls my phone number. Well they call and my girlfriend found out. I really mess up. I thought she was ganna get all mad and emotional. But all she said was that she didn't want to make me do anything I didn't want to. She said she was leaving and that she didn't want to waste her times or mine. I really mess up I had it really good. Some of my boys even try to get with her. We not friends no more. But how can I get her back. I mean she is so great that I guess I never thought she would leave me. I guess I was wrong. How do I get her back? I'm shock. I was about to propose and now im dump. What do you guys think? Please help I really mess up
I had the girl of my dream and I mess up. What should I do.