How can I get my face to not turn red?

Whenever I get embarrased or talk to a guy I really like, I tend to get a red face after a while. My classmates always notice and say things like your face is so red! It makes me really mad. How can I stop turning red?? I need help!!

Answer #1

you could try wearing foundation…

Answer #2

Interesting, I always thought that guys liked girls that can easily turn red, it’s supposed to make them easier to read after all. Meaning that as the guy, you’ll know when the girl is pleased or uncomfortable in an instant.

Just don’t mind it, and well…things in school are always like that. Believe me, if you didn’t have your “fiery” cheeks then your classmates would find something else to torture you about yourself. People just like pointing out things about us at a certain point in our lives, eventually they grow out of it. As they will grow out of always noticing your ability to blush madly.

Answer #3

Same problem here. A bit of makeup helps some.

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