How can i get my breast to grow?

O.k heres the thing im 16 years old and im an a cup
I really want bigger breast but naturaly and I dont want
To stuff so how can I get bigger breast?

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You can massage Olive oil or any type of Body Lotion on those, regular at night before going to bed.

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embrace who you are. not what hollywood portrays.

How do I make my breast grow

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Wear more than 1 bra, or if you want them to grow naturally, then rub baby oil on them every single night before going to bed.. how often?? Until they start to grow some more..

How to make breasts grow?
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Im 14, with DD,
I hate em.
So if you do find a method, be careful, cause I have a messed up back and uggh, very frustrating to find a bathing suite.

Is it true that if you massage your breast they will grow?

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Im 13, 14 next month with G Cup,
and some times I hate it cause like in p.e at school,
and finding clothes its harder. I get a back ache very often and I dont think you really want that, theres one way that a lot of people say works is if you've got a boyfriend get him to suck on them but you may not want that lol but a lot of people say they have gone up a whole cup and stuff cause of it.

At what age to breasts stop growing?
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im 14 in a c cup my mom said rubn lotion on them everyday works and I know when I was yunger my friend wroe like 3 bras at one time bt I don't think yu shuld do that

Does soy milk help your breasts grow?

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To do it naturally you need to make the mamery glands swell. I am a male that has done this for the past 18 months. this is how you do it go to a help food store and buy a bottle of fenugreek, red clover, sawpamennto , and mothers milk tea. take one capsile of each herb three times aday and drink 2-4 cups of tea. plus it would help to also take a womans multivitiman with some extra B complex the highest dosage that you could get. do this and in about 30 days you will notice the feeling you had a few years back when they first started growing. by the way I am a D cup now and still growing and I love having them . if need any more help send me a message on this sight.

girls only ways to make my breast grow faster?

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