How can I get him to like me? Or even just be friends?

how can I get him to like me? I am not very popular and he is sort of but, I want to be his friend, I just don’t know how to talk to him please help!

Answer #1

dont hezatat over something like this people get to shose there friends like you do… so if he wants to be friends youn say nice if he doesnt you should be ok wit that… and popular is nothing poeple say that becasue that want to be cool… popularity… has different def. like it could be people like being around you.. you know if he/she is a jock to bad that only means there into sports… sometimes jocks and cheerleaders date for no reason! like there friend could of set them up together,and the guy/girl could of paniked… people are all with there own people like if you are in to school you are wit people that other kids say “geeks” there not there just smart… you could be into sprots… then your wit the people that like sprts- or you can be with smart people if your a sport person… so dont let your self hang over someone that does not want to be friends if he wants to be friends he will tell you or start talking to you more often…

               hope I can help!
Answer #2

(not trying to sound stuck up at all) but im in that popular group- NOT SELF PROCLAIMED. but honestly, I don’t understand why everyone makes it a big deal. girl, there just people like everyone else. talk to him, what do you have to lose?

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