How can i get him in the mood?

I really wanna know what I can do to put my boyfriend in the mood. I don't know why, but when I lick his neck it works. But I really wanna try something else. Any ideas?

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stroke his thighs gently whilst neck kissing then like stroke thigh a bit more harder then squeeze his thigh and make the neck kiss hard too

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omg, how can you not turn him on. my boyfriend gets horny just by hugging me or the way I talk or touch his arm. your a girl where a tight blouse or somehting to show off your cleavage. or short skirt to show off your legs.

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try a nice warm massage with massaging hot oil , it gets my man in the mood all the time, put sexy things on , kiss on his ears , tell him you want to take him a shower and get some rubing on!!! lol

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different person different turn-ons, while some might work magic on others some just fails.

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kissing my boyfriend stomach turns him on badly

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