How can i get him back?

Me and my boyfriend are over! But I want him back! How can I get him to talk to me? I kant kall he is long distance and he wont check his email? And how can I get him back?

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you should think about what made you guys break up in the first place and see if you can put up with what ever it was again.

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I agree with stephanief987
you have to just let him go
maybe its better for u
if you get him back you might end up gettin even more hurt.
someone better will come along
and maybe it was just meant to be this way

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um I dont have a cell right now! he is acting like hes not hurt and I know he is! he wont talk to anyone! he was guna come down here but all this happend! I dont know what else I could do!

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Let him go - seriously its problem after problem. Look at all the questions you've asked and pay close attention to the things you've said about him. Hes useless to your life, you don't need that crap. You need to move on sorry to say.

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Girl, you are 14 years old (on your profile), and meddling in things that even mature adults don't quite get. I am going through something similar to you though. I am pregnant, only 19 and single. He did things that weren't in the best interest of my son, and if he wants to be in my life or my sons life he has to straighten up (he's on drugs pretty bad). I want to be with him so bad, and I want to pretend like he's not doing anything wrong, but that doesn't help the situation. What you need to decide is if it ended for a good reason, and if it did, then you should stand by your reason.
You also have to remember now that you have to think twice, once for yourself, and once for your baby. The deciding factor is and always should be your baby's best interest. Is being with him going to be a positive move for the baby???
If you decide you still want him after figuring that out, buy a phone card for like $5 at the dollar store, and call him. You can also find out if any of your friends have free long distance, and are willing to let you use their phone.

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