How can i get her to let me cum in her mouth?

I just wanna know why she will let me cum on her boobs but not in her mouth. I mean she sucks the cum off my penis after I cum

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well im not a guy but I got cum in my mouth 2day, and it wasnt that bad, I have once before. just tell her that if she lets you she can spit it in your mouth if she dont like tha taste. or you will eat her out and you will let her cum in your mouth, lol. good luck!!<3

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I have let my DH as couple of times but it's not my fav thing to do. Mostly it's the texture/taste that keeps me away from letting him.

in her mouth
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well it depends on what it is you've done or her, do you eat her out too? or is it just her pleasing you? it doesn't sound like it'll be too hard to figure out and solve this

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Most girls don't like the feeling of a guy coming in their mouth I know I don't! She may be spit not swallow kind of girl here's a really helpful tip. At the base of your penis is a thick vein when she's giving you head and you're about to come tell her to squeeze (not to hard but still with a little pressure) the base of that vein that stops all the cum from going in her mouth. I did it on my boyfriend and he said it made his orgasim longer and more intense. Hope this helped x!

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you're an as*hole, don't force het to do it.

pleasuring her, with fingers and mouth
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maybe she will come round to the idea just get a moment when she is chilled and calmly ask her why?

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Don't eat a lot of garlic & don't drink a lot of coffee.
These kinds of foods make cum taste bitter. Girls tell me to
drink alot of Pinapple juice.
If the taste is good - She will enjoy swallowing the tasty treat.

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