How can i get circluar boobs?

I am a 32a and I have triangular and pointy boobs. its really annoying. does anyone know how I can get bigger and circular boobs?
please help

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you are only 13
what you don’t realise is that breasts don’t just magically appear when you turn 13
and you have only just BEGUN to go through puberty
breasts take YEARS to develop
and they will reach there full size by the time your around 18-21
there is NOTHING you can do to make them bigger
no pills, creams, exercise, foods and other crap works
all you can do is be patient and WAIT for them to grow
they will be don’t growing when your done going through puberty
and you’ve barely even started it
also you and your friends develop at different rates
so what’s normal for them is NOT normal for you
in the meantime if your that desperate you can use padded and push up bras
but at 13 the size of your boobs should be the least of your problems
because they’ve barely started growing

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Well the reason your boobs are like that is most likley because they are not done growing. Mine used to be like that 2 years ago. now im a 36D. Trust me they will grow to the form they need to be in. And no mine are not from a boob job : ) alough there is nothin wrong with a boob job : )

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Get a real good push up bra or plastic surgery (I don't recommend the boob job though)

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There's not really anything you can, they just grow as they are supposed to. I see looking your profile that you were born in 96, so you still developing and have plenty more time to do so.

I know everyone wants to be happy with their body, and it's easy to find things we don't like, but I would try not to worry. They will change shape and size as you develop. Plus they come in all shapes and sizes, and it's different for everyone.

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Boob job lol, im trying to talk my man in to letting me have mine done :) im a 34B but I've had a lil gal so theyre not exactly where theyre supposed to be lol... I cba with all these work outs and shit, may as well get it done all at once :)

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Nothing wrong with a boob job lol... As long as you pay good money and go to a real surgeon

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