How can i flush toxins out of bood?

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It depends on how much you smoke. the liver is not able to metabolize the THC in the body very quickly; the unmetabolized THC binds to the fat cells in the body. Between periods of active marijuana use, the fat-bound THC is slowly released back into the blood. So the more and more often you smoke, the longer it will stay in your system. As for flushing toxins out of your body, I found a sarsaparilla tes steeped for 3 minutes, drink 4 times a day for 3-5 days usually leaves me feeling refreshed. It is said to flush your body of toxins.

Another way is the brown rice fast. For 10 days, eat only brown rice and nothing else. Eat only what your two cupped hands can hold. The first 3 days are hard. The 5th is the worst. But if you can make it to day 10, it is the best fast you'll ever have. I felt like a new person!

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I should specify: Eat only what your 2 cupped hands can hold AT A TIME. And only eat when you are hungry (And trust me, you will be)

bioneutrix dissolve and flush

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detox kits at General Nutrition Stores they work sometime the same day

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