How can I find someones email address?

Ok I just found out by looking at my local news paper that an old friend of mine just lost her mom on mothers day :( :( and I dont want to just show up at her house. Is there a way to find someones email address ?

Answer #1

Send her a consoling card in the mail… not too intrusive, but lets her know you care. Make sure you leave your phone number in the card.

Answer #2

thanks, she doesnt go to school she is 30 I know where she lives but I really scared to just show up at her house we were REALLY REALLY good friends and when I had my son we just kinda grew apart cause she cant have kids. I dont know im just really sad she always used to tell me if she ever lost her mom she would loose it she has never known her dad. its just really bugging me :( I was in the prosess of trying to like find her number/email and thats when it came up. im still shocked

Answer #3

I called her phone number and she must have changed it. I tried like but you have to have a credit card im going nuts I want to talk to her so bad :(

Answer #4

You could call around to find the Funeral Home and maybe they would pass your info to her…I wish you the best !!

Answer #5

try contacting her by phone

Answer #6

Thank you everyone so much I sucked it up and went to her house and got to talk to her.:)

Answer #7

well I would ask around were she goes to school at and try to find it there I feel so bad :(

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