how can I find my dad?

I’m 16 and recently my mum told me that the man who I grew up thinking was my dad isnt.. I’m not that hurt by this because he’s never took much part in my life anyway and doesnt care. Anyway I really want to find my real dad and don’t have a clue where to start. Does anyone know anything to help me slightly?

Answer #1

thanks for the answers! yeah star lifter thats whats made me really want to do something about finding him now as that program made me so upset. clawjaw, I have his name, date of birth and where he was born as he is on my birth certificate but my mum doesnt know anythign about him or any of his relatives names ect. and to k4rla like I said the man who I fort was my dad yeah eh raised me for 5 years.. then he started drinking then hitting my mum occasionally then when I was 8 my mum wasnt with him and then when he did come and see me ( which ws very rare) he wud have some alcohol with him .. in the day. he was an alcohoic.. eventually he didnt bother atall I went to meet him once and I was waiting for an hour and a half and he didnt turn up so he’s not actually been there for me. Last time I saw him he was very drunk and I think on something else. I just really want to try and find him and I will understand if he doesnt want anything to do with me as he probaly has his own family now but atleast I can say I tried!?

Answer #2

The truth is you already have a dad, one that has looked out for you since the beginning. You can go out and search 4 your real dad but is it worth it? What will you say? Does he even care? STOP!! sit down with your mom TALK and SLEEP on it. Even though you are young this will be a big step in your life.

Answer #3

okay thats the same issue with my sister kimberly she doesnt know me she thinks her step dad is her real dad but I dont know what to tell you unless you get a name or something and look him up

Answer #4

theres this new tv show thats called Find My family.

or go to an online family tree or something

Why dont you ask any relative, or any old photos ?

Answer #5

do you know your real dad’s last name? thatd be a first step. then you can try google-ing him. does your mom know where he might live or anything? that would narrow it down a lot quicker.

Answer #6

well you can ask yur mom if she know anything about him…but I don’t tink it would do yu any good trying to look for cause if he didnt have anything to do with yu before what makes yu think that hes gonna want somethin with yu now..yu should just appreciate the man who raced and be glad that yu have a DAD who was there for..and if its really important to you just talk to your mom about it..

Answer #7

it takes a max of 6 people to find anyone anywhere in the world…

so the 1st place to start is your mom…

mom, whats dads full name? did he have a brother, sister… or who are my aunts and uncles

once you get that 1st piece of vital information from your mom and she points you to someone that knows something its only a matter of time till another person know something too

gd lk let us know how you get on :)

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