How can I figure out what I am?

I want to no what I am cause my ma says shes half native american with some german and english in her and my dad part native american germen and irish but im wite with blond hair andblue eyes that change like from day to day can I like get a dna test to see what I am?

Answer #1

you will never ever know mate…

the only people that can trace back 100s and 100s and 100s and 100s of years are the europeans, american indians and the natives in australia… infact I think its 6000 years they can trace bk… 4 women???

americans and australians are mostly british/irish/european and in that order… australia was originaly a british island we used to send our criminals too…

its impossible to know exactly where an american comes from :)

Answer #2

well it doesnt really matter what your parents are…its where you grew up and where you remember most from when you wer young…

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